A venue as incredible as the one you love...

Imagine a wedding venue where you can choose the perfect ceremony location while still providing your guests with all of the amenities available within a luxury-class hotel and fine dining venue. Antrim 1844's 24-acre estate provides several ceremony location options, along with an indoor space for up to 250 guests, in the event weather proves to be more temperamental than expected. 

Our most popular ceremony locations include:

  • The Formal Gardens - Located within feet of the Manor House and Glass-Enclosed Pavilion, the Formal Gardens are surrounded by perfectly placed roses, each in different variation. Historic architecture and breathtaking twin bronze fountains provide the perfect backdrop for your ceremony and the fantastic dreamy photographs to follow. 
  • The Secret Garden - Located on a secluded section of the property, the ancient branches of a majestic elm tree provide an enchanting feel of the rustic backdrop most popular with couples who seek the feel of the natural outdoor ceremony location.  
  • The Garden Room - Located within the Glass-Enclosed Pavilion, the Garden Room accommodates up to 100 guests as an indoor ceremony location. The surrounding glass provides the fresh, bright glow of the outdoors while providing shelter for you and your guests in case of cold or stormy weather. 

In addition to these, the following ceremony locations are also available:

  • Meadow by the Stream
  • Woodlands
  • The Pond
  • Formal Drawing Rooms For Guest Lists Under 20